Forever Present - A Gift from Pema & Isla  

           Care packages for families affected by sudden infant death in Aotearoa New Zealand    

Online Library

Some books that might be useful for coping with sudden infant death:




  • Skylight has books and resources that might be useful for siblings or young children affected by the death of a baby.


  • For the Rest of Our Lives by Bev Gatenby. Written by a NZer whose daughter died suddenly at 3 months old. Unfortunately this book is out of date, but it is often passed around between those who need it. You may be able to find it second hand.




  • You Are the Mother of All Mothers by Angela Miller. Estimated release date is April 2014. Early release via Pubslush.




In time we hope to have an online lending library. If you would like to help us with this please contact us