Forever Present - A Gift from Pema & Isla  

           Care packages for families affected by sudden infant death in Aotearoa New Zealand    

Finding Support

Connecting with others:

SIDS support NZ

Facebook forum:   

(if link doesn't work search for the name on Facebook)


SIDS and Kids NZ  (formally SIDS NZ)

Facebook page 

24 hour support line: 0800 164455


Sands - Pregnancy, Baby and Infant Loss Support

Facebook forum

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Finding a Counsellor (from Sands)


There are a number of other online support forums based overseas that might be useful.

Other support:

Whakawhetu (Maori SIDS support)


Taha (Pacific Mother and Infant Service)


SIDS and Kids Australia


Skylight NZ

You can request support packs. Phone: 0800 299 100.

[email protected]  


The Lost Ones


Still Standing Online Magazine


Bellyful NZ will help out any family who has lost a baby with a free home cooked meal.

Facebook page 


Ronald McDonald Family Retreat will provide a week of free holiday accommodation to families who have suffered the loss of a child.

Sophie Robbers Homeopathy will offer Skype consultations and referrals to families affected by sudden infant death.

 Potentially helpful projects or blogs:

The Butterfly Project (Nelson, NZ)

This project proposes building a pathway through Fairfield Park where bereaved families can engrave a paver in tribute to their lost child. It's attempting to create a space where people can go and reflect and remember in a peaceful setting that isn't a graveyard.


Squishables for SIDS and Infant Loss Awareness (USA)

Raising funds for SIDS, infant loss research and prevention while spreading awareness