Forever Present - A Gift from Pema & Isla  

           Care packages for families affected by sudden infant death in Aotearoa New Zealand    

Care Packages

It is our hope that the information and resources in our care packages may make this time even slightly easier for families grieving for a precious baby. We have pulled together resources we found useful ourselves from a variety of groups and sources and have made a few of our own. This is the care package we wished we had received and did not.


We hope that when the time is right other grieving families will be able to read through this material and access the support we had to search for. When ready, there is a community of people who carry similar grief and who will listen and hopefully understand, and offer care.


Packages  come in a beautiful hand painted unique memory box that may be useful for collecting items of remembrance over time. Thank you to local artists that have helped us in this way so far. Packages contain two books specific to infant loss, resources we found helpful, ones we have made, and a few small gifts like candles, seeds, tissues  and chocolate. We want to show that we know parents who lose babies suddenly and tragically will be in a great deal of pain and we care about that.


At this stage Forever Present care packages are available  just for families in New Zealand living with a sudden infant death. Packages are distributed through the SUDI Liaison officers as part of the coroners process. If you are a family in New Zealand and did not get a package and want one let us know. If you are looking for support related to miscarriage or still birth you may want to get in touch with Sands.


 If you would like to sponsor the cost of a package (or anything at all) please donate. There are also lots of other things you can do if you want to help us aside from giving money. We do not receive funding from any source at present. Packages cost approximately $50 each.