Forever Present - A Gift from Pema & Isla  

           Care packages for families affected by sudden infant death in Aotearoa New Zealand    

Our story so far... and those who have supported us.

If you find yourself here because you too live with the grief of the death of your precious baby please accept our sincere and compassionate sorrow for you as you experience this most difficult of journeys. We too walk this path. We are two bereaved mothers ourselves. Our own babies died suddenly and tragically, cause undetermined, in early 2013 a month apart. .  


We found it hard to find support and resources that could help us, even a little, in those terrible early days. We decided to put together care packages for the other approximately 80 families affected by sudden infant death in Aotearoa each year in the hope that living with the loss of a baby may be made even slightly easier for others. It is our way of honouring and remembering our own children. It is the care package we wished we had received, that we desperately needed, and did not.


This website is the companion to the care packages where additional resources, support and information can be found.


 xxx Catherine and Maibritt (Isla and Pema’s mums).   

Thanks to our Generous Supporters!

Organisations who have helped us, that support what we are doing or that we have an association with:

Individuals who have donated to us:

  • Jenny Gaunt and family
  • Nicolas Hewson
  • Laura Wells and family
  • Raglan Playcentre families
  • Alyson Trent
  • Nicola Benefield
  • Asha Clark
  • Greer Lees
  • Aileen Davidson
  • Sara Blake
  • Andrea Baumberg
  • Babara Rafoth
  • Karen Greenbrook
  • Charlotte Oliver
  • Michael Beckett
  • Sarah Bierre
  • Anonymous donors

Companies / businesses:

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